The Axis of Ego Podcast: Harrison Weinhold (Part Two)

TheAxisOfEgoPodcastIn the second part of this discussion, Harrison and I touch on a number of topics, including the 2016 presidential race, more on racism, and the Washington Redskins’ nickname woes. Take a listen, even if you missed part one.

One note about something I said during this portion of the podcast: When discussing possible presidential or vice-presidential candidates for 2016, I mentioned Ted Cruz in passing.  It’s important to point out that there is at least some question about whether Cruz, born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (best known as Bret Hart’s hometown) would be eligible to run for VP or president, per our Constitution.  Most seem to think he would be, by virtue of the fact that his mother was an American-born citizen who happened to give birth in Canada (but see the 30 Rock episode “Double-Edged Sword“).  Anyway, I wanted to acknowledge that potential snag, since we didn’t address it at all.  Here’s the podcast:

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 02-18-13

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