The Company Man

It seems like a good day to reblog this. One of my favorite signs last night was “IF CENA WINS, WE COMPLAIN ONLINE” (I might be paraphrasing). I think people who hate the guy for things that happened in 2005-2007 should probably try to take a more measured view of who Cena is and what he’s done. Or, I don’t know, maybe that’s a little preachy. It’s early.

In any event, I like and respect the guy, and I make no apologies for that. And I’m glad he’s not a (conventional) heel. Too easy, and, to be honest, I’m not sure I know what a Cena heel turn would even look like at this point. The crowd boos him already. If he “turned heel” in the traditional sense, they would cheer him.

So, as we get ready to see where WWE will take us creatively over the next year, here are some thoughts from about a year ago to keep in mind.

The Axis of Ego

Yesterday, April 29th, was World Wish Day.  It’s a day that celebrates the legacy of the Make-a-Wish Foundation “with wishes being granted worldwide.  It’s a day to think about how wishing makes our world better.”

Those are the words of John Cena, WWE Superstar, and the man who has granted more wishes (over 250 now) than anyone in the history of the charity.  He is the man who eschews the more self-aggrandizing or nonsensical slogans of his counterparts in favor of positive mantras like “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect,” “Never Give Up,” or “Rise Above Hate.”  And he out-sells all of his colleagues with those messages.

But he is also the same man who has spent the better part of five years being booed by half of the audience members who pay to see him perform.

Yesterday was also the date of WWE’s “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view.  The climactic match saw an…

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