An Incomplete List of Words in Chicago’s “If She Would Have Been Faithful”

IfSheWouldHaveBeenFaithfulSingleAs something of an 80s music aficionado (for better and for worse), I have probably heard Chicago’s “If She Would Have Been Faithful” at least 100 times in my life.  I’m not bragging about that.  Just stating it as a fact.  Yet, it was only recently, after not hearing the song for some time, that I detected a rather . . . unique lyrical style.

“If She Would Have Been Faithful” was a cut from 1986’s Chicago 18.  The band, still trying to find its way and deal with life after Peter Cetera, wasn’t sure how audiences would receive the modified version of their sound.

it was very much an open question as to whether Chicago could continue their run of Top 40 success after their most recognizable member departed for the obviously greener pastures of the Karate Kid II soundtrack.  Nonetheless, Chicago 18 sold well and included several hits, one of which was “If She Would Have Been Faithful,” a song that succeeded commercially despite including all of the following unlikely turns-of-phrase:

– Paradox

– Misinterpreted

– Point-of-view

– Denied

– Contradiction

– Reconstructing

– Disguise

– Logical

– Ironic

– Emphatically

– Objective

– Cheated (x4)

– Faithful (x7)

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