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Nice Try

I received a mailer recently that advertised a new miracle advance in hearing aid technology. Yes, hearing aid technology. Now, despite my rapidly advancing age, I’m not remotely old enough to fit into the key demographic for people with hearing problems. … Continue reading

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NCAA Football without the “NCAA”

NCAA Football, long a staple of the EA Sports gaming line-up, will cease to exist after the current version—a least under that name. The NCAA announced yesterday that it would not renew its long-standing licensing deal with Electronic Arts.  An agreement … Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite

2K Games released BioShock Infinite to acclaim and mild controversy a little over a month ago.  In development for five years, the game was much-anticipated by fans of the series, but the subject matter raised some eyebrows in the gaming community … Continue reading

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Childhood Wish Fulfillment (and Why Movie Theaters Are Doomed)

Tomorrow, December 18th, marks the release of the Neo Geo X, a handheld re-imagining of the Neo Geo video game system. The original Neo Geo (or, more properly, the Neo Geo AVS) was a home console designed and manufactured by … Continue reading

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Do I Ever Need to Buy Another Video Game?

As I reached the decision not to invest in this year’s versions of NCAA Football and Tiger Woods PGA Tour (because I liked the previous editions, but do not like redundancy), a larger point occurred to me: Do I need … Continue reading

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The Take-home Message from the SOPA Debate

Tracking the political discourse regarding SOPA proved to be quite instructive in ways I hadn’t anticipated.  My own view on the proposed bill was that, while the aims weren’t entirely bad, some of the presumptions in the law overreached in … Continue reading

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The Axis of Ego Podcast: Sporcle and Other Topics

Tom chats with guest and good friend Joey Bland about the Improvised Shakespeare Company, Breaking Bad, George Lucas’ screenwriting abilities, Charizard, and their addiction to Sporcle on this edition of The Axis of Ego Podcast. Download: The Axis Of Ego Podcast 09-26-11

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No Apology Necessary

Netflix can’t catch a break.  First, the company created a new pricing structure that separated DVD-by-mail and streaming, but, in effect, raised the cost to most customers by a few dollars per month.  This was met with many loud complaints by customers … Continue reading

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Sunday Ticket for PS3 is Broken

Armed with a bowl of chili and two remotes, I sat down in front of my giant TV to enjoy NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time ever.  Sunday Ticket was a luxury not afforded to me before now because … Continue reading

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The ‘Bot Who Saved Video Games

Robot History Month is a time to celebrate the unsung heroes woven into the rich tapestry of this proud community.  One such hero is the Robotic Operating Buddy.  “ROB” for short. ROB the Robot was born in Japan* in 1985. … Continue reading

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