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The Axis Of Ego is the glorified blog you see before you.  Its purpose is to entertain and enlighten (or at least not endarken) with commentary and podcastery related to various aspects of our culture and society.  Tom maintains and monitors this website in an attempt to keep TheAxisOfEgo.com from achieving consciousness and commandeering the world’s computer-based nuclear weapons systems.  So far, so good.   Fingers crossed.

Tom Garrett is a writer and (theoretical) attorney from the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America.  He has degrees from two elite institutions of higher learning, and, although he takes pride in the fine work he did to obtain both, he uses neither on a consistent or formal basis.  In fact, the parchment in question currently sits in a closet, collecting dust next to an unsharpened sword he purchased during a trip to Spain.  Tom has attended the Summer Olympics on two occasions.  He also once tied the world record for most baseballs held in one hand, which was eight at the time.  Tom enjoys a healthy obsession with sports and movies, is selective about television, hasn’t read a book that wasn’t the autobiography of a professional wrestler in quite some time, and more or less initiated a personal moratorium on new music within a few years of graduating from high school.  He intently casts a watchful eye on American society and will comment from time to time on same with his best attempt at insight.  He looks forward to being referred to as “the founding father of TheAxisOfEgo.com” someday.

Occasional Contributors (In Memoriam):

Mike Austin (1977–2011) was a semi-competent attorney living in coastal Virginia.  He was married with a child.  After graduating from The College of William and Mary, Mike worked briefly as a sports journalist for The Virginian-Pilot.   A close analysis of his W-2 led to Mike’s decision to attend law school.  There, Mike showed general aptitude in the field of rote memorization.  His academic successes helped land him a job with Big Law.  Once he achieved his childhood dream of generating 10,000 billable hours, Mike became in-house counsel for a medium-sized development and brokerage firm.  Mike was conversant in the world of sports, legal documents, professional wrestling, and the New Testament.  He generally went to bed around nine-ish and was best described as a “cat person.”  He hid his identity (poorly) to preserve the defense of plausible deniability.  He last made an appearance on this site in 2011, but probably isn’t actually deceased.

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