Something Special: A Lot of Marbles

Getting to 11-0 was a lot of fun, but playtime was over.

If the 1991 Redskins were going to finish undefeated, the last remaining major roadblock would be their arch-rival Dallas Cowboys.

Coached by Jimmy Johnson and led by Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and rookies Russell Maryland and Erik Williams, the Cowboys looked to upend Washington at RFK Stadium.

It wouldn’t be easy.

It was the biggest game in the NFL that week.  John Madden.  Pat Summerall.  Redskins.  Cowboys.  A perfect fall afternoon at RFK.

What more could you want?

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2 Responses to Something Special: A Lot of Marbles

  1. The R says:

    Go Cowboys…………..

  2. Ryan says:

    GO Cowboys! The Deadskins will lose this week. My prediction Cowboys 24- Deadskins 21.

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