Random Jaw-Dropping 80’s Moment

Saturday Night Live circa 1989:









The most amazing part of the show was actually the monologue, in which Gibson said the following:

“As I stand here, I realize that, in a live broadcast like this, something could go terribly wrong, and I could end up alienating millions of movie-going patrons . . . and you may be wondering why I would jeopardize all that I’ve worked for . . . So, why did I agree to host this show?  Because, sometimes, I just don’t think things through.  I mean, if someone calls and says, ‘Hey, you wanna host Saturday Night Live?,’ I say, ‘Sure!’ without even considering the potentially disastrous effect on my real job – a movie star.”

It’s comforting to look back twenty-odd years and be thankful that he dodged that bullet.

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3 Responses to Random Jaw-Dropping 80’s Moment

  1. jgiles84 says:

    “Sometimes, I just don’t think things through” – Who’d of guessed, considering how carefully considered most of his actions are?

  2. TeeHeeHee…He had bigger and better alienating to plan for with future goings-on. You know, he has to build up an extensive fan base for grand scale alienation. Those Hollywood actors can’t do anything small.

    • Tom Garrett says:

      Exactly. The Gibson-level alienation isn’t something that just happens overnight. It requires years and years of built-up goodwill to topple like a house of cards.

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