This Would Have Made AP English Even More Fun

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby numbers among the many books assigned to me during my early academic career.  As was the case with most of that group, I ended up merely skimming enough to do well on the test or write the paper, as needed.  I’m not proud of that fact, but such was life when I was in my early-to-mid-teens.

I bring this up because something I stumbled across on the internet today (and has quickly exploded) made me realize that I did myself a disservice by only browsing Fitzgerald’s work.

Apparently, the novel was actually about the adventures of Nick Carraway as he battles an endless stream of hobos, butlers, and flappers in a quest to locate Mr. Gatsby (f/k/a Gatz).  And what will he use to aid him in this roaringest of Roaring Twenties capers?  Why, nothing more than his trusty hat, which, naturally, he wields with a frightening (and oddly boomerang-like) precision.

The game is evidently a translated but unreleased version of a Japanese NES / Famicom game from 1990.  The instruction manual and advertising materials reflect its origins, as there’s more than a hint of Engrish in the mix.

“This is a funny anecdote from video game history, but it’s too bad we can’t play it!” you must be saying to yourself as you read this.

Well, fantasize no more, because you can, old sport.

(And, yes, it has occurred to me that there’s a chance this is an extremely well-done hoax.  But I would be fine with that.)


UPDATE: Looks like this is a tongue-in-cheek effort, as evidenced by the creator’s Twitter account.  Outstanding job all around.

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