A Shameless Plea for Twitter Followship

I’ve been extremely pleased with the growth of this very young website so far.  I struggle to come up with any complaints whatsoever about the subject.  Buuuuuuut . . . if you twist my arm, I have to say that the exception to this rule is the lack of followship (not a word) on Twitter.

What I can’t figure out is that the blog you see before you actually has more subscribers than we have Twitter followers.  This doesn’t make sense to me because being a follower on Twitter is a less-intrusive activity than being a subscriber to this blog.  Coupled with the fact that approximately one-fourth of our followers are spambots, and our current total of 50 becomes even less impressive.

The fault lies entirely with me, of course.  Hence, this appeal to those of you who read this blog.  Here’s a small sampling of some of the wit and wisdom you’ll receive if you’re a follower of The Axis Of Ego on Twitter:

“Sorry to see Olbermann go.  He is truly one of the most gifted and prolific baseball card collectors and Nazi analogizers of his generation.” – 1/22

“Defendant Zaire Paige’s outburst was only because the judge insisted on calling him Democratic Republic of the Congo Paige.” – 1/27

“The King of Queens of the Stone Age #hipstersitcoms” – 1/29

“Million-dollar idea: Grey Poupon Groupon.” – 1/31

“Just saw that Dana Carvey is hosting SNL tonight!  More good news – I’m 50% sure this means my time machine works.” – 2/5

“Finally, we reach the payoff of a season’s worth of football: Watching Bill O’Reilly interview President Obama!  I have NFL fever!!!” – 2/6

“This halftime show makes me long for the days of Elvis Presto in ‘Be Bop Bamboozled.’” – 2/6

“Rank the following from most intractable to least: Charlie Sheen / Two-and-a-Half Men situation, Spider-Man Musical, Vietnam War circa 1972.” – 2/11

“Years between release of Bohemian Rhapsody and Wayne’s World movie: 17.  Years between Wayne’s World and right now: 19. #depressing #Iamold” – 2/14

“Legendary Nixon impersonator David Frye dead today of cardiopulmonary arrest.  With all due respect to Frye, Nixon died of a stroke. #nicetry” – 1/30

Ok, that last one was actually a Neil Hamburger line, but you get the idea.  And this list doesn’t even include various responsive tweets and re-tweets!

I’m not suggesting that everything I tweet is gold, but I’m sure as hell certain it’s less-irritating than the self-absorbed or inane tweets you’ll get from a majority of the people on Twitter.  I also guarantee no “SMH” or “HMU”-type nonsense.

So, with that bitter mini-rant behind us, I have to ask beg: Why not follow?

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4 Responses to A Shameless Plea for Twitter Followship

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  2. Posky says:

    I’m sorry, but I remain convinced that twitter is the devil and blogging is as sinful an act as anything can be.

    • Posky says:

      Still, those are some pretty good tweets. Perhaps it is worth me keeping abreast of your past twats and future tweetage.

      • Tom Garrett says:

        I respect your position, and I’m not too far removed from it. I think what troubles me is that people who have terrible feeds have hundreds or thousands of followers. Most troubling of all – when I get a new follower who is an obvious spambot, yet said spambot has 200 or 300 followers. I mean, how does THAT happen?

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