Another (Unsolicited) Twitter Update

I was fully prepared to write a celebratory post about how The Axis of Ego had reached 100 Twitter followers at long last.  Achieving that triple-digit milestone is a (small) point of pride for us.  Alas, the intricacies of the medium have betrayed us.

While it’s true that we surged to 102 followers just a few days ago after picking up about eight “bots” after tweeting something with an “#atheism” hashtag, attrition since that time has dropped the count to a mere 96.  And the bots are still there.

Considering that I was complaining just a couple of months ago about having a paltry 53 followers, this still represents progress.  However, it would have been nice to hit that magic number.

So, we reiterate our shameless plea for followers from a month ago.  I would normally promise something like “you won’t be disappointed,” but I’m incapable of that level of puffery.  Instead, I’ll just tell you that I guarantee you there are many, many folks on Twitter who have more followers but produce worse content (if any).  I’ll leave it at that.

Here are a few recent tweets:

Increasing the debt ceiling would be less controversial if it were called “raising the roof.” #politicaltruths #politics #debt

“Trustafarian” is my new favorite word. I can’t wait to break that out on some hipsters. That or a baseball bat. #justkidding

The geezers who run my fantasy baseball league insist on keeping Yahoo. I have to fill out paperwork just to make lineup changes.

Just saw clips of today’s #WNBA draft, apparently held in my high school auditorium. Not the main auditorium. The smaller one. #wegotnext

Augusta already apologized. It was a mistake made by a security guard. #nextstoryplease

If #McIlroy were a horse, he would have been put down by now. #themasters#SportsShow #poorrory

Faldo on Schwartzel: “140 pounds of South African gold!” They’re called#Krugerrands, Nick. #duh #golf#Masters #SouthAfrica #LethalWeapon2

The year after his first #Masters victory,#TigerWoods finished in tie for eighth . . . one shot behind 58-year-old#JackNicklaus

#governmentshutdown not that big a deal. Happened twice before in my lifetime. Just a chance for right and left to preen and point fingers.

What is going on with the #twitterbotstonight? I’ve picked up FIVE of them in the last few hours. Must be my series on#RobotHistoryMonth.

“Confirm Eugene Levy availability for American Pie direct-to-Garmin sequel.” #HollywoodPostItNote

Hey, what have you got to lose? I humbly suggest giving The Axis of Ego a look (and a follow) on Twitter here.  With your help, we can regain our foothold on the century mark. End of plea.

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