The Axis of Ego Podcast: 2-28-11

The end of February brings with it an eclectic podcast.  Tom and Mike discuss all of the following things, although not necessarily in this order: (1) Highlights from the past week on The Axis of Ego, (2) Mike’s favorite mammals, (3) Tom’s “come to Jesus” moment vis a vis John Cena and the moral high ground upon which he stands, (4) Mike’s tactics for enticing female interaction that have been subsequently rendered moot by the miracle of modern technology, (5) a debate over whether or not cabbits exist.  Plus much more.

Far more exciting even than the description above makes it sound, here’s this week’s podcast:

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 02-28-11

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2 Responses to The Axis of Ego Podcast: 2-28-11

  1. Heff Barbia says:

    The entire time your film was playing I was trying to tune in the picture. Not only was the experience very frustrating but I missed everything you said. Please include an instructional video prior to your next show. Thank you.

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