And . . . We’re Back.

After a two-week slowdown caused by other commitments, we’re back at full speed. Well, such as it is. Up first is a two-part podcast. Tom and Mike transition from one topic to another like the Frogger of yore diligently hopping across so many logs and lily pads.

In part one, we (eventually) discuss the tragedy in Japan and the cultural implications of same, the political situation in Libya and the impact at home, the decline of Comedy Central roasts, MacGruber, as well the timely issue of John DeLorean’s legal troubles! Plus, we have a brand-new theme song for the podcast! (Partially) enjoy the show!

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 03-21-11 (Part1)

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2 Responses to And . . . We’re Back.

  1. rick says:

    this may be the gayest thing i have ever heard.

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