My Favorite Moment from WrestleMania 27

There was a lot to like about WrestleMania 27.  Out of all the good matches, “sports entertainment” segments, celebrity appearances, and assorted miscellany, perhaps the best portions of the broadcast were the video packages that immediately preceded the entrances of the respective participants in the main event.

The Miz’ video was excellent in its retrospective nature as it juxtaposed great WWE champions of the past with Miz’ own rise to prominence from humble beginnings with “Hate Me Now” by Nas as the soundtrack.  However, there was one specific thing in the Cena video that was my favorite single moment in the broadcast.

Cena’s video was also retrospective, but focused more on his connection to the fans rather than other performers, with “Prayer III” by DMX serving as narration.  Toward the end, there was a zoom-out of Cena in the ring that revealed a little boy absolutely transfixed on him. Going from this:

To this:

Great video, great editing, great choice of soundtracks.  The usual high-quality production from WWE. Perfect.

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