Things I Learned by Watching the Comedy Awards

Owner and President of SCTV, Guy Caballero, once came up with a brilliant plan: Stage an awards show on his network that would be a thinly-veiled, self-serving way to promote SCTV itself by handing out the lion’s share of the honors to performers and programs from his own network.

Thus, the People’s Global Golden Choice Awards were born.

Comedy Central (ironically enough) seems to have taken a page from the SCTV playbook by creating the Comedy Awards.  Here’s what I learned by watching said show over the weekend:

1. Will Ferrell must be the funniest man alive.  He was either nominated for, winning, presenting, or appearing in a video for a nominated work for nearly all of the early categories. I like Will Ferrell, and I’ve enjoyed the vast majority of his work, but the level of admiration and buzz thrown his way lead me to believe this show was actually prerecorded in 2005.

2. The “PC Guy” is evidently a writer for the Daily Show *and* has a ridiculous moustache.

3. Something unfortunate happened to Garry Shandling’s face.

4. The Hammerstein ballroom is used for something other than ECW shows.

5. Everyone who was in the movie “Airplane” died this past year

6. In Comedy Central canon, neither Conan O’Brien nor Jay Leno apparently existed in 2010.

7. On the other hand, Conan (and Ferrell) pal Andy Richter definitely exists and did a wonderful job as the show’s Oscars-style announcer.

8. Line of the night goes to Matt Stone, who, after winning for “Best Animated Show” (beating four shows that don’t air on Comedy Central) astutely observed: “Winning this award from Comedy Central is like being student of the month and your mom is the teacher.”

9. The same guy who does the disjointed, sometimes disorienting editing on the Comedy Central Roasts series must have edited this show.  Eddie Murphy’s speech (among others) almost appeared to have been completed on separate days.

10. David Letterman IS still the funniest man alive.*  And Bill Murray is still alive, period.**

Self-serving though it may have been, the fact that the show was built around some very talented folks in the comedy business made it more entertaining (and shorter) than any major awards show in recent memory.


*Although Stephen Colbert can give him a run for his money.  And Louis C. K. is the funniest stand-up comic alive.  I loved C. K. basically trashing the show (in a non-mean-spirited way), except adding that him getting his award was a great moment, of course.
**Yes, I know Bill Murray is alive.  It’s just that he’s very selective about what he does these days, and is reportedly impossible to contact, so, him showing up for not one, but two minor awards shows in a single twelve-month span is pretty remarkable.
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