Palin Strategy Is Nothing New

As we roll towards the 2012 presidential election, Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus rolls with us.  The tour speeds through the country like a patriotic bullet through the collective heart of America’s enemies.

Palin has been customarily tight-lipped about whether she’s officially running for president next year, but it seems obvious to most political observers that the purpose of this star-spangled, cross-country extravaganza is to bolster support for a full-fledged run at the White House in 2012.

The media continues to treat Palin’s bus tour as a novelty.

The truth is, there’s nothing novel about it.

In fact, another ambitious person hoping to win the ultimate prize in his field utilized this precise tactic a generation ago.

That man’s name was Lex Luger.

Draping himself in the good ol’ red, white, and blue, Luger* toured the nation on a custom bus, as seen here:

Luger’s efforts were further chronicled in this stunning music video, entitled “I’ll Be Your Hero,” which served as the centerpiece of his campaign:

It goes without saying that the former three-fourths-term governor of Alaska has ripped a page from the Luger playbook.  But Palin and her supporters should remember how this story ends: Ultimately, Luger was unsuccessful in his bid to win the WWE Championship.

He left the organization without ever having won its highest honor.

So, take heed, Palinites: Those who do not learn from (professional wrestling) history are doomed to repeat it.**

*Luger’s previous persona in WWE was as a heel with the nickname “The Narcissist.” Draw-and-or-make your own conclusions-and-or-jokes.
**In this case, I suppose that would entail Palin being disqualified by the ghost of Curt Hennig.
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