The Axis of Ego Podcast: Mick Foley, Survivor Series, and UCBW

Tom recapped the trip to New York City for Survivor Series here, but Mike stopped by for a more thorough discussion of the events of that weekend.    They go about an hour on the podcast this time around, covering the background of getting to go to New York (0:00-6:00), arriving, seeing various WWE Superstars, and settling in (about 6:00 – 19:00), the lunch with Mick Foley (about 19:00 – 30:00), stories from Survivor Series itself (about 30:00 – 39:00), Mick’s comedy show and UCBW (about 39:00 – 53:00), and, finally, the Carnegie Deli (about 53:00).

Listen below and enjoy!

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 12-12-11


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2 Responses to The Axis of Ego Podcast: Mick Foley, Survivor Series, and UCBW

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  2. Rod says:

    I only slightly disagree with your take that Foley is unquestionably the #1 guy to meet in a sit down type situation as I would rank Chris Jericho on the top of the list.

    No doubt Mick is top 3 though.

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