The Axis of Ego Podcast: WrestleMania 28 Preview

Tom resurrects Mike from the dead (off-air) and engages his reanimated friend in an hour-long conversation about this weekend’s WrestleMania 28 event.  They run down the card and discuss how we got here, and, in cases in which it’s discernible, why we got here.  The duo also talks themselves into believing that anything is possible in the WWE, including the reformation of the Nation of Domination (Huh?!?) or possibly Doom (The f***?!?).  Take a listen as The Axis of Ego breaks its long podcast drought with an inappropriately earnest analysis of what should be an exciting wrestling pay-per-view!

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 03-29-12

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2 Responses to The Axis of Ego Podcast: WrestleMania 28 Preview

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  2. Mike Austin says:

    (1) I think your Brow-O-Meter needs recalibration.
    (2) Let me underscore one point: John Cena is the Barry Goldwater of contemporary professional wrestling.

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