A Simple Formula

Gawker’s latest in a 374-part series about the “racist” HBO show Girls includes a reference to searching for a “Black Costanza,” meaning someone on television to whom black viewers may relate—but who also happens to look like them.

I think I’ve tracked down the top candidate:

It may be putting a lot on the shoulders of Mike Tirico to ask him to bridge the cultural and ethnic divide on television, but he’s as strong an option as any.  Someone’s got to do it.  Otherwise, we’ll be doomed to another decade-plus of painful, televised racism.

For a good take on the Girls controversy, go here.

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1 Response to A Simple Formula

  1. The black George Costanza was Martin’s friend Cole on the show Martin. He was perpetually underemployed, and forever dating a woman he hated but couldn’t dump for whatever reason

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