Any Minute Now

After years of outcry from frustrated fans and media members, the BCS appears to be headed toward extinction.  In its place, college football’s highest division will—at last—adopt a playoff system.  The details are uncertain at the moment, but the general idea will be to crown a titlist on the field without excluding any potential claimants to the throne.

But the good news may not end there.  An article I read last weekend suggested that the playoff system may be in place even earlier than we initially anticipated!

Specifically: 1986.

Four-team playoff?  Check!  Revenue sharing among all top-level schools?  Check!  Bowl chairmen opposed to the system on the grounds that “everyone wins” with bowls?  Check!  Networks willing to bid 10-to-14 million for the title game rights?  Che—wait.  Million?

I guess a few things do change.

I will now commence holding my breath . . .

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