“Redskins” Round-Up

RedskinsLogoI’ve talked before about how I enjoy writing for a bunch of different outlets, because doing so allows me to write about such varying topics.  One of the things that burned me out on being full-time at VirginiaPreps was writing the same four articles every week for over a decade.  I liked it, but, eventually, it got to be too repetitive to do full-time.

Yet, it’s funny how things work out sometimes when pop culture, politics, and sports all intersect.[1]  That’s where I’ve found myself recently, as I’ve been discussing the Washington Redskins nickname controversy extensively.  To wit, I wrote a piece for Hogs Haven a couple of weeks ago that provided a broad overview of the controversy, as well as my own take on what the franchise should do next.  But, just today, I wrote a different column for A New Voice as a response to the controversial editorial cartoon that compared Redskins fans to Nazis.

The real reason for this post, though, is to provide the clip of my interview on The Mike Heller Show from earlier this week.  The program, which emanates out of Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, provided a terrific, balanced discussion of the issue.  I was very happy to be a part of it.  The clip is below, and make sure to check out Mike Heller on Twitter as well.

[1]  It’s like when you think you’re starting a Franklin mission, but then Michael and Trevor randomly show up during the opening cinematic, and, the next thing you know, you’re switching among all three guys, just trying to stay alive—and stay one step ahead of the cops.  Or, maybe it’s not like that at all, and I’ve just been playing WAY too much Grand Theft Auto V.
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