Let’s All Make Fun of Tom’s Brackets (2016 Edition)

I don’t even watch college basketball at this point.

ncaa-logoThe closest I’ll get is taking in the competitive portion of a Richmond / VCU game.  Beyond checking a Spider box score now and then, or watching some amazing buzzer-beater that ESPN retweets, I’m out until March.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my March Madness brackets this year will be undoubtedly, irrefutably, unquestionably horrible.

What may come as a surprise is the fact that I still maintain the now-inexplicable practice of filling out (and paying for!) multiple brackets to enter in my friend’s pool every year.  Because why not throw worse money after bad?

Here they are:





I’m really breaking some new ground with that Michigan State pick.  GUTSY!!!

Here’s the other one:



South Dakota State and Stephen F. Austin in the Sweet 16?!?

That’s just crazy enough to work!

No, it isn’t.

To give you some additional perspective, keep in mind that I just had to google the full bracket to figure out if the truncated team referenced above is the University of South Dakota or South Dakota State.

It’s the latter.  And the University of South Dakota wasn’t even a D-I school until 2008.

Next year, I’m just going to light some cash on fire.  It takes much less time than filling these things out.


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2 Responses to Let’s All Make Fun of Tom’s Brackets (2016 Edition)

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  2. Matt Gilliam says:

    You don’t need to know anything about basketball. The only time I ever win these things is when I just put in Kenneth Massey’s projections all the way through.

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