Let’s All Make Fun of Tom’s Brackets (2017 Edition)

I don’t know anything about college basketball.

But I accept that fact now.

The turning point was hearing that Cal State Bakersfield finished in first place in the WAC this year.  Cal State Bakersfield?!?  The WAC?!?

A hurried online search and one glance at the conference standings made me realize that I am totally lost.  Hell, even after looking at the WAC standings, I wasn’t sure what two or three of the schools were, much less where they were.

UTRGV? Grand Canyon?  Chicago State?  These sound like made-up colleges that play the protagonist’s team in a 1990s sports movie.

And, wait a second, how is Chicago State in the WAC, anyway?

You know what—don’t answer that.

The point is that the acceptance of my obliviousness is wonderful, as it allows me to fill out my NCAA Tournament bracket in about five minutes.

I no longer have to go through the charade of laboring over picks as if I have some clue about who these teams are or how they match up.  There’s not much imagination in what you see below.  There’s certainly no expertise.

However, my bracket still makes for cheap and easy content.  Here goes!

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