Best of 2020

2020 wasn’t all bad.

I have to say that this was a good year for me personally, demonstrating the value of baseline reclusiveness and living practically as a shut-in even before a pandemic hit.

What seemed to many people to be a nightmarish existence was more or less a lateral move for me.  However, I did save significant time avoiding my heck-ish commute each day—approximately 90 minutes, minimum.  The upshot of this newfound savings is that I finally rededicated myself to this blog.

Ok, “rededicated myself to this blog” is too strong.  Maybe “remembered this blog exists and felt guilty about it” is more accurate.

Things had gotten so sparse ’round these parts that I didn’t even do a best-of piece last year!  That decision wasn’t an oversight.  I just produced so little content that putting together a best-of seemed absurd.

I did better in 2020, authoring 21 pieces of content (not counting this one), all of which published after March, when the pandemic fully “bloomed.”  Of those pieces, here are the handful I liked best:

Untimely Movie Review: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (5/4) – I’m including this one as sort of a representative example of my recommitment to (EVENTUALLY) getting through the Warner Bros. 50 Film Collection.  I managed to get through several entries this year, with more on the horizon.  I’m confident I can finish it at long last in 2021. 

Buy Physical Media (6/6) – Prompted by the sudden rash of digital deletions and warning messages for several series and movies, I wrote this piece as both a defense of free speech and an admonition about the durability of physical media.  It eventually led to a piece that published in the Washington Examiner, which was a personal highlight for me this year.

Destroying Unity Is the First Step (8/11) – In a somewhat prescient post, I noted that a news clip from 1983 discussed something that united people of different races, socioeconomic levels, and political views, but that this very thing had itself become just another divisive topic around which people virtue signal in order to separate themselves from “the other.”  Societal decay abounds.

Two Movies, One Screen (11/2) – Using the “two movies, one screen” metaphor as a jumping-off point, I discussed the political climate surrounding the presidential election, making some broader predictions that looked beyond the actual outcome.

The Worst Possible Outcome (OR: The Baby Hitler Hypothetical) (11/6) – And the inevitable companion piece to “Two Movies, One Screen.”  Here, I detail the election results and match their implications to my previous forecasting.

Overall, it was a decent “comeback” year for this site, unexpectedly bolstered by a bat-borne virus from the Far East.  I hope you enjoyed some of it.  The blog, that is, not the pandemic.  Happy New Year!

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