Site Reorganization / Slight Reorganization

I’m overdue for some housecleaning.

I originally began the Axis of Ego with the intention that I would be the primary contributor, but that others would generate content intermittently to supplement my work.  The idea was for me to create the lion’s share of the writing, but also to bring other folks into the fold.  Their purpose would be to provide voices different from my own while also usefully alleviating my personal workload during my busiest times of the year.  This would ensure that there would always be at least two or three new items on the site each week.

March 7th, 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the last time someone other than myself wrote something for this site.

In fact, the subject of that article was a series of gift suggestions for a then-unborn child whose first birthday is (obviously) approaching rapidly.

I think my principle reason for trying to create a website that had multiple authors was my belief that such a site has more inherent credibility.  A sole author’s work is merely a blog, of which there are literally hundreds of millions across the internet.

Of course, this is just a blog, after all. I realized fairly early on that I would have to distinguish it from those millions of others with worthwhile content rather than with an attempt to dress up my blog as something resembling a poor broke man’s Huffington Post or Gawker (minus some of the snark or the lefty leanings).

I’ve realized over the course of the fourteen months of this site’s existence that it also functions as an online portfolio of my writing work.  Or, if you prefer, an endless audition directed at no one in particular.  There’s no reason not to take ownership of that.

The upshot of all this is that there will be a few cosmetic changes made to the Axis of Ego.  Those of you who merely frequent the front page and read the newest pieces probably won’t detect any difference whatsoever.

There still may be guest articles from time to time, but I have no plans to seek those out or ask for help.  I have more than enough good ideas (or at least “ideas”) to formulate content on a regular basis without any outside input, just as I’ve done for over a year now.

Thank you for your continued readership.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Carry on.

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