Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website all about? This is a general interest website that features first-run commentary on a variety of topics, ranging from sports to entertainment to news.  It includes podcasts that cover the same range of topics, albeit in a less formal or structured way.

Who runs this website?  Would-be writer Tom Garrett.

Who generates content for this website? Tom.  Years ago, other contributors authored pieces from time to time.

How is the website organized? The top navigation bar separates content into two major categories: “Commentary” and “Podcasts.”  Clicking on one or the other will allow a visitor to filter out the other type of content.  Mousing over the “Commentary” option brings up a drop-down menu organized by subject matter.  So, you can filter commentary down to, say, music.  Subject matter navigation is also available on the right sidebar of the site, under the “Categories” heading.  Currently, those categories are “General Culture and News,” “Literature,” “Movies,” “Music,” “Politics,” “Sports,” and “Television.”  The former category is a catch-all that might include interesting links from the vast online world, a science-related news story, or a piece about a long-dead historical figure.  Note that it’s unlikely I’ll write this type of educational content, but at least the site already has a button for it if I do.  There’s also a search feature in the upper-right area of the site.

What does the name “The Axis of Ego” mean? Besides the obvious pun (and we do love our puns here), the name is a reference to the mock bravado with which Tom occasionally writes.  Furthermore, the creation of a blog is an inherently narcissistic endeavor because it presupposes that people would be interested in the points of view of the author or authors.  Tom also wanted a name that didn’t pigeonhole us into one particular subject area.  For example, any name that was a clear sports reference wouldn’t suffice, despite the fact that a large portion of this website’s content will be sports-related.

Why don’t you allow comments without moderation? Tom’s experience in writing for an internet-based audience has led him to the conclusion that comments or messageboards cause authors to spend most of their time dealing with a small but irritating minority of site visitors.  Rather than devote our energy to deleting spam or explaining things to morons and trolls, we would rather prevent these comments altogether.  Especially since we feel that our writing and podcasts are sure to attract the moron / troll demographic.  We may revisit this policy in the future.  As always, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Besides the e-mail account, how else can I connect with The Axis of Ego? You can follow us on Twitter.  You can also “like” us on Facebook.  In addition, you can subscribe to this website by clicking the button on the right sidebar.  This will send you e-mail notifications whenever the site publishes something new.  Un-subscribing is very simple, although I can’t imagine any reason why someone would want to do that.

I’m a minor, old person, or religious type.  Will my sensibilities be offended by this site? I think the most objectionable content on our site will probably equate to a “hard PG-13″ or “soft R” in terms of subject matter and language.  Most of it will be “PG.”

Are “Tom Garrett” and “Mike Austin” your real names, or internet aliases? Yes and no.  No and yes.

How do Tom and Mike know each other? They became friends while classmates in law school.

Oh, jeez.  Here we go.  Law school? That’s right.

Ugh.  Lawyers can be pretty insufferable. That’s not a question.

Yep – no question about it. (Eye roll)

So, the legal careers don’t adequately scratch the creative itch, and, hence, this blog? Something like that.  Although Tom’s can hardly be called a “career.”

I would like to steal your intellectual property. Again, that’s not a question.

Allow me to re-phrase.  What should I know before attempting to steal your intellectual property? Please review our Terms of Service before drawing up your misappropriation gameplan.

What’s the deal with airline food? It’s not as bad as people think, and it’s gotten substantially better over the last few decades.

Is Pierre the capital of North Dakota or South Dakota? South Dakota.  Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota.  Here’s a helpful hint: “Bismarck” is German, while “Pierre” is French.  Germany is north of France.

I haven’t looked at a map of Europe in a while.  Is that even true? Don’t overthink it.

What’s the only object constructed by humans visible to the naked eye from outer space? The Great Wall of China.  I feel like we’re getting a little off-point, here . . .

Shut up.  This page isn’t called “Frequently-Asked Questions about this crappy website.” Hey!  Five seconds ago you were asking what the name of the site meant.  You hardly have the requisite knowledge to determine that the site is “crappy” at this . .

Next one.  In the Back to the Future trilogy, shouldn’t it be impossible for Marty and Jennifer to go forward in time to save their own children from incarceration, since, once they travel to 2015, they would go to a future where they simply disappeared without a trace thirty years earlier? I’m not getting into this.

Just answer the question. No.

Do it. No.

DO IT! Sigh.  Fine.  Yes, you’re correct from a basic physics standpoint.

Oh, and you’re a physicist now?  I think we’re done here.

Will you be updating this FAQ with additional questions as new issues arise? Yes.  Hopefully, most of those issues won’t be Back to the Future-related.