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Blockbuster Block-busted

Oh, hello there, stranger!  I’m just going to say it: I’ve dropped the ball of late as far as updating this humble little site goes.  A combination of (a very successful) Soxtober and some real-life work priorities (horrible, I know) … Continue reading

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Something I Don’t Miss

I’ve gotten a wonderful head start on becoming an old man who constantly reminisces about how much simpler, purer—and, in many cases, better—life used to be before the ubiquity of the internet made us all navel-gazing babies who expect everything … Continue reading

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The Axis of Ego Podcast: Breaking Bad Finale

With the finale of the fourth season of the amazing Breaking Bad now history, Chicago improviser and comedy actor Joey Bland stops by again to talk about the episode, Jason Whitlock‘s complaints about the B. B. finale, where the final season … Continue reading

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No Apology Necessary

Netflix can’t catch a break.  First, the company created a new pricing structure that separated DVD-by-mail and streaming, but, in effect, raised the cost to most customers by a few dollars per month.  This was met with many loud complaints by customers … Continue reading

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