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Something Special: Laying the Groundwork

The 1991 Redskins are, by some accounts, the greatest team in franchise history. They may even be the greatest Super Bowl champion of all time. Even two-plus decades consisting largely of frustration and ineptitude can’t wash away the glory of … Continue reading

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The Imposter

You’re familiar with tennis, right? Are you sure about that? Did it ever occur to you that the game you think you know, is, in fact, an imposter? In this podcast, I reveal the secret identity of one of the … Continue reading

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Untitled Online Dating Podcast

Online dating is the worst, right? Well, maybe not the worst, but it’s not all rainbows and lollipops, either. Except maybe grindr.  Or so I’ve heard. Anyway, this week, I present a podcast that’s an adapted and updated version of an … Continue reading

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Spy vs. Spy

In this episode, I examine one of the most infamous and protracted intellectual-property battles in entertainment history. The war over the rights to James Bond—specifically, the story and script for Thunderball—took over half a century to resolve fully. Luckily, this podcast … Continue reading

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New York Game Show Disaster 2005

Storytelling podcast number three delves into an embarrassing (and public) moment from my own past. I view it differently today than I did then.  But, that’s pretty much how life works, isn’t it? It’s no Father’s Day tribute or story … Continue reading

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Flirting with the End of the World

In my second run at a storytelling podcast, I thought I’d shift gears and shoot for something more historical than personal. I tackle a crucial but probably underreported event that arguably affected just about every single person on the planet. … Continue reading

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“Redskins” Round-Up

I’ve talked before about how I enjoy writing for a bunch of different outlets, because doing so allows me to write about such varying topics.  One of the things that burned me out on being full-time at VirginiaPreps was writing … Continue reading

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Closing the Book

Most people who know me in “real life” are aware that I’ve covered high school sports for VirginiaPreps.com since I was in college (back before VirginiaPreps was a Rivals.com affiliate).  I decided last winter that I would step away from … Continue reading

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The VRA Case and NLRB Appointments

I was a guest on Aim Right with Amy this past Tuesday night, hosted by Amy Lutz.  Amy is also the Editor-in-Chief of A New Voice, a commentary website for which I am a contributor.  Amy and I discussed the Supreme Court news … Continue reading

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The Axis of Ego Podcast: Joey Bland and Mad Men

Old pal Joey Bland stopped by to talk a little about his current Second City show and to talk a lot about the current season of Mad Men.  Tom and Joey talk about the season so far, who may die or … Continue reading

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