Defending the Ryan Family Honor

Fullback Tony Richardson, in response to Wes Welker’s tongue-in-cheek, foot-related comments, after the Jets’ 28-21 victory over the Patriots: “That was personal.  There was no reason to bring family into it.  Rex (Ryan) has a son in 10th grade!”

I want to applaud Richardson’s remarks.  Leave the families out of it!  How dare someone bring up Rex Ryan’s wife spontaneously at an NFL media event!  Even if the intent were humorous (some scoundrels might even say “harmless”), there’s absolutely no place for that kind of self-promoting, non-football-related grandstanding at a press conference!

That Wes Welker is so unprofessional.

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2 Responses to Defending the Ryan Family Honor

  1. Maybe it’s Rex Ryan’s freakish side that makes him a great coach. As a Jet fan I refuse to underestimate the power of the foot fetishist!

    • Tom Garrett says:

      He’s a great coach with an interesting style, that’s for sure. I just thought it was funny for some of the Jets players to use Welker’s comments as motivation, because I thought it was done in a pretty clever, funny way – the kind of thing the Rex himself would probably think was funny (off the record).

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