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Trump’s Popularity: Real, or Wake-Up Call?

With another GOP debate imminent, poll leader Donald Trump will have several more opportunities to antagonize opponents, media members, and various segments of the public, as he has done repeatedly in recent months. Thus far, it hasn’t hurt him.  At … Continue reading

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Will High School Sports Exist in 2043?

Reading some cultural tea leaves of late has led me to wonder whether a pillar of American teenage life—high school athletics—will still exist 20 or 30 years from now.  With participation levels among high school athletes higher than ever, that … Continue reading

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Sunday Ticket for PS3 is Broken

Armed with a bowl of chili and two remotes, I sat down in front of my giant TV to enjoy NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time ever.  Sunday Ticket was a luxury not afforded to me before now because … Continue reading

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And . . . We’re Back (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this week’s podcast, Tom and Mike debate the merits of being a one-legged wrestler (guess which one of them takes the “having one leg is an advantage” position?), as well as discussing the future of boxing … Continue reading

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Podcast Numero Dos

Tom and Mike (in studio!) talk a little football (but not much), the Grammys, and the website itself.  Take a listen below:

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Highfalutin’ Legalisms and the Super Bowl

If you watch any television at all this time of year, you’ll undoubtedly notice the awkward phrasing of certain commercials that euphemistically refer to the Super Bowl as “the Big Game” or “Football Sunday.”  As a licensed practitioner of the … Continue reading

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Slapdash Championship Previews

Just to clarify at the outset – this is not a preview for the World Slapdash Championships, although that would make for an entertaining event, were it non-fictional. No, instead, I’ll be covering the obvious. I’m used to writing football … Continue reading

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Defending the Ryan Family Honor

Fullback Tony Richardson, in response to Wes Welker’s tongue-in-cheek, foot-related comments, after the Jets’ 28-21 victory over the Patriots: “That was personal.  There was no reason to bring family into it.  Rex (Ryan) has a son in 10th grade!” I … Continue reading

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