Podcasting Update

Those of you who either read the introductory mission statement, or who have noticed that pesky and unused “Podcasts” button at the top of this page, may be wondering what’s happening with that element of the website.

Unlike the clutter that emerges from my brain on a daily basis and need only travel from my neurons to my fingertips to WordPress, a podcast is a bit more involved.  There are actual wires and buttons and lights and plugs in play.

I wanted to make sure that our podcasts were of a professional quality (I’m speaking from a technical perspective, here.  I certainly don’t warrant that the underlying substance will be anything other than amateurish).  I think we’re at a point where that’s well within the realm of possibility.

So, be patient.  I think we’ll finally have something up in that category sometime this week, or next week at the latest.  If we don’t, feel free to be disappointed.

My strategy in the meantime is to list this post fraudulently under “Podcasts.”

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