Robot Movies Are Always Good

Or, if not “good,” at least “watchable.”  But it looks like Hugh Jackman and company will put the premise-I-just-made-up to the test with 2011’s Real Steel.

If Transformers could somehow have a baby with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, the resulting offspring would be this movie.  I’m not entirely sure whether this is meant to be taken seriously.  The tone is certainly indicative of such an intent.  That is, until the closing moments of what you see below, when Jackman screams “BRING IT!” to some unseen robot and/or boxer.  I can only hope this was done with at least a hint of irony.

The premise is that people no longer box because of the debilitating physical effects the sweet science can bestow upon fragile human flesh.  However, our mechanical allies are only too happy to step into the ring in our place.  Given that Jackman is evidently an ex-boxer, the cultural metamorphosis from human fighters to robot-only pugilism must have taken place in a matter of a few years.  This is merely a guess, but that’s probably not even in the top five most unbelievable plot points found in Real Steel.

Although I can’t fully support this endeavor, I bring it to your attention in the name of Robot History Month.  If nothing else, at least this movie helped provide work for several members of the robot community.

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3 Responses to Robot Movies Are Always Good

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  2. Rod says:

    It’s disappointing to me (and likely devastating to you) that, despite playing major roles in the film, no robot was credited in the trailer nor on the movie poster.

    Will Hollywood ever fully embrace our robot brethren?

    • Tom Garrett says:

      Amen. They’re not even eligible to be admitted to the Screen Actors Guild, if you can believe that! Seriously, SAG, it’s the 21st century. Your exclusionary, H8ful policies must come to an end!

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