Robot History Month is Back!

The plight of the noble robot is one that is both under-reported and under-appreciated.  The month-long April celebration of Robot History Month attempts to remedy those injustices.  Last year’s edition produced several fine pieces of content that honored the sacrifices and struggles of our robotic brothers and sisters.  Here are a few examples:

Robot History Month: Defending Our Freedoms

The ‘Bot Who Saved Video Games

PhillieBot to Throw Out First Pitch

Robot Movies Are Always Good

As I did a year ago, I feel that it’s important to point out here that, proximity to April Fool’s Day notwithstanding, this isn’t some sort of joke.  And, if you think it is, then you’re a virulent robophobe.  Kindly take your bigotry elsewhere.  The list of articles above should be evidence enough of Robot History Month’s validity.

I hope that you, our loyal readers, will join me in paying tribute to the sacrifices made by these brave Americans in their seemingly-endless quest for equality, dignity, freedom, and acceptance.  In the spirit of diversity and tolerance, I wish you all a happy Robot History Month!

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