Talking Points FTW

Opposition leader Edward Miliband of the UK Labour Party does us the favor of breaking off a little piece of what sometimes makes modern politics so depressing (comical?).  Here are his responses to a series of questions in the wake of a strike involving public sector unions:

What’s especially curious about his refusal to deviate from a rather short script is that Miliband is actually in general agreement with the Prime Minister that the strikes were a poor tactic.  On the other hand, a portion of the Labour base apparently feels betrayed by Miliband’s refusal to back the strikes.  Maybe his, ahem, careful choice of words can be attributed to a balancing act between opposing the work stoppage while not wanting to wound some supporters too deeply.

This all reminds me of an old SNL presidential debate sketch wherein George Bush (Dana Carvey) finishes his answer with time to spare, and simply repeats his catchphrases over and over until the balance elapses.  Bravo.

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