Plenty of Room Left on the Bandwagon

My general preference is to avoid self-promotion.  However, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far with this website.  So, I wanted to pass along two quick suggestions to you, our faithful readers.

First, you can follow the Axis of Ego on Twitter (link).  Recent jewels include “Protip: When selecting a “safe word,” do NOT choose the word “harder.”  I only have about 115 followers, so you’ll be getting in on the ground floor of something prettttyyyy special.

But I understand – a Twitter follow can be a big step in a social media relationship.  Allowing all my nonsense wisdom  to show up in your feed could be seen by some as a big commitment.  If you yourself already follow several hundred accounts, and you’ve read this far, there’s probably no good reason not to follow.

Having said that, I understand that Twittering has become semi-sacred, especially to you youngsters.  That’s why I have an even more non-committal option for you!  You can “like” the Axis of Ego on Facebook (link)!

I’ll level with you: As of this writing, only 24 people “like” this website on Facebook.  That’s absurdly low.  I mean, pages for despicable things like NAMBLA and New Coke have about ten times that!  Each!!!

Don’t want to get updates?  No problem!  Just “hide” us in your news feed (I mean – don’t do that, but the point is that you can, in theory).

We can do better, people – but only with your help.

Thank you, and God bless America.

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