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How to Promote Political Content on Facebook in 251 Easy Steps

Aficionados of this blog (both of you) may recall that I published a piece on the Covington Catholic controversy back in January. Readers seemed to respond to the post, and, before I knew it, the piece had over 300 organic … Continue reading

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Imbeciles React to a Story About Swimming

I saw a fairly innocuous local news story come across my Facebook feed today.  The piece was the sort of semi-fluff that local stations like to show on their 5 o’clock broadcast.  The underlying news item was that data indicates … Continue reading

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The Worst Commercial on Television

I’ve written and spoken often about my concerns regarding the social norms of younger Americans.  There’s a fairly stark line of demarcation between those who made it through their formative years without the influence of the internet and social media, … Continue reading

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Meme a Little Meme

Hilarious friends from myriad walks of life have bombarded my Facebook feed with guffaw-inspiring pictures that show the various perceptions about a given occupation.  The purveyors of this meme have extended it to jobs as diverse as public relations people, … Continue reading

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Plenty of Room Left on the Bandwagon

My general preference is to avoid self-promotion.  However, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far with this website.  So, I wanted to pass along two quick suggestions to you, our faithful readers. First, you can follow the Axis of … Continue reading

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Social Media Onslaught

I decided upon crossing the 20,000 visitor threshold to make the Facebook fan page for this site “live.”  There’s not all that much there yet besides some links to recent posts.  However, it does provide the opportunity to “like” The … Continue reading

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