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Memo to Red Sox: Fire Everyone

Except her: I can’t even comment rationally on this debacle yet.  I know this much – Remy got it exactly right following the game. “Inexcusable.” He brought up a great point as well.  With somewhat less talent, Boston was hamstrung … Continue reading

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Star Wars Revisited: The Prequels

The recent release of the complete Star Wars film franchise on blu-ray serves as a good reason to revisit the films.  Appropriately, this will actually be a trilogy of reviews, as there’s so much material with this set that trying … Continue reading

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The Axis of Ego Podcast: Sporcle and Other Topics

Tom chats with guest and good friend Joey Bland about the Improvised Shakespeare Company, Breaking Bad, George Lucas’ screenwriting abilities, Charizard, and their addiction to Sporcle on this edition of The Axis of Ego Podcast. Download: The Axis Of Ego Podcast 09-26-11

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Justice, Injustice, and the Unfortunate Case of Troy Davis

The trouble with justice is that it’s a subjective concept that we allege to be purely objective when applied properly.  Blindfold and scales and all that. Yet, an individual’s point of view determines so much of the makeup of this … Continue reading

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No Apology Necessary

Netflix can’t catch a break.  First, the company created a new pricing structure that separated DVD-by-mail and streaming, but, in effect, raised the cost to most customers by a few dollars per month.  This was met with many loud complaints by customers … Continue reading

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God Bless Larry Merchant

I’m sure this user’s YouTube video will be taken down shortly due to a copyright claim by HBO.  But, until it does, enjoy what will surely be a storied moment in the annals of the sweet science:

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Sunday Ticket for PS3 is Broken

Armed with a bowl of chili and two remotes, I sat down in front of my giant TV to enjoy NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time ever.  Sunday Ticket was a luxury not afforded to me before now because … Continue reading

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An Abridged History of the Super Bowl Post-Game Show

If my lifestyle rose to the level of a religion, or even a broad spirituality, this evening would be one of the holiest of the year. Tonight marks the start of the NFL season, the fantasy football season, and worthwhile … Continue reading

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