Time to Light the Fuse on this Rocket Ship

Today marks the final day of voting for Style Weekly‘s annual “Best Of” awards.  Style has introduced an award for Best Richmond-based Blog this year.  Actually, I’m not sure if this is the first year of the award.  But who cares?  I didn’t have a blog prior to last year.

Here’s the point: It takes all of two minutes to vote here, and you would be doing me a great favor (one I will never repay) by voting for the Axis of Ego.

Not from Richmond?  Even better.  Just skip through the nearly-innumerable categories until you get to Best Blog, which I believe is on page five.  Then vote for the Axis of Ego.  Never been to this blog before today?  No problem.  Just take my word for it.  Couldn’t be simpler.  Do it.  Make it happen.

Remember: Whether you’re genuine or insincere, your vote counts the same.

I can’t promise anything in return, except my pledge that we’ll share a laugh together in the near future when the very idea of me attempting to win a minor local honor inevitably becomes hilarious.

Every journey begins with a single step and/or online award.  This gold-plated bathtub isn’t going to fill itself with jewels.  Every vote brings me one step closer to my lifelong dream of acquiring the services of a henchman (or, preferably, henchmen).

Voting closes at midnight.  Get to it, people.

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2 Responses to Time to Light the Fuse on this Rocket Ship

  1. Mike Austin says:

    I may have nominated you for best Richmond-based hip hop group.

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