The Triumph of Self-Determination

In light of some of the events of the past few days, I thought it appropriate to re-blog this piece from a little over a year ago. I think it’s prophetic in some ways, but also points out some of the rhetorical struggles we still deal with (and will continue to tackle) on a daily basis.

The Axis of Ego

The legislature of the state of Washington recently passed a measure to begin allowing same-sex marriages once the governor signs the bill into law this summer.  This action mirrored what occurred a few months earlier in the state of New York.  After several false starts, a lengthy debate, and a narrow vote, New York also passed legislation to redefine marriage to include same-sex relationships.

This is how democracy is supposed to work.

Voters in North Carolina elevated the state’s ban on same-sex marriage to its constitution this week.  The amendment also added a constitutional ban on civil unions or similar arrangements.  The measure passed by a comfortable margin.

The outcry over Amendment One’s passage, particularly from the young and from the famous, has been forceful and predictable.  This follows in the wake of Proposition 8’s passage (and subsequent legal issues) in California just a couple of years earlier.

I see…

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