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Saving Our Skins

Originally posted on The Axis of Ego:
I didn’t think much of it one way or the other when Harrison Weinhold brought up the Washington Redskins’ nickname during the podcast we recorded over a week ago.  The conversation meandered from…

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Has Arrested Development Made a Huge Mistake?

With the return of Arrested Development mere days away, I keep thinking about Joe Gibbs. I didn’t really have sports heroes in the traditional sense growing up, but Gibbs, the legendary Washington Redskins head coach, is probably the exception. It wasn’t just … Continue reading

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A Subtle Lesson of the Woolwich Attack

By now, everyone has likely heard the awful story of the brutal attack perpetrated in the London district of Woolwich yesterday.  To recap, two “suspects”[1] attempted to run a man down with their car, then, after crashing their vehicle, attacked the … Continue reading

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One Long, Last Look at The Office

Last week’s penultimate episode of The Office gave us a frustrating glimpse of what might have been. In a season filled with mediocre comedy, intelligence-insulting plot choices[1], and inexplicable character development, we got a flawed but good episode centered largely … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I’m a Hero

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Imbeciles React to a Story About Swimming

I saw a fairly innocuous local news story come across my Facebook feed today.  The piece was the sort of semi-fluff that local stations like to show on their 5 o’clock broadcast.  The underlying news item was that data indicates … Continue reading

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BioShock Infinite

2K Games released BioShock Infinite to acclaim and mild controversy a little over a month ago.  In development for five years, the game was much-anticipated by fans of the series, but the subject matter raised some eyebrows in the gaming community … Continue reading

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An Incomplete List of Words Katy Perry Has Attempted to Rhyme

Katy Perry is a charismatic musical performer who has delighted millions of fans—including this one!!!   Her catchy songs, spot-on pop sensibilities, and colorful videos have established her as one of the top acts in the world. Here’s an incomplete … Continue reading

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