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SitCombat: 10/11/12

30 Rock pulled off the win last week with an episode that was as much about setting the table for its final season as it was delivering laughs (it did both).  The Office had an “off” week after a strong … Continue reading

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Awkward Moments in Entertainment History: One, Two…Uh…

This may not technically be “entertainment,” but what it lacks in that area it more than makes up for in the “awkward” department.  This is just excruciating to watch.  Best of luck in your future endeavors, Rick Perry. “Oops.”

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One Space, Two Space, Red Face, Typeface

I’m normally an even-tempered person.  If I fly off the handle, I assure you that it’s for comedic effect only.  In reality, I’m the guy who doesn’t get emotional about politics or religion or the other fundamental building blocks of … Continue reading

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