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You may have noticed that this glorified blog has a glorified blogroll along the right sidebar, “cleverly” titled “Axis’ Allies.”  Since there’s nothing more there than the name of each site, and the list is buried under a half-dozen other widgets, I thought I would take some time to explain what each one is.  I think taking a look at any or all of them would be worth your while.

Bonnieblue Rescue: A dog rescue service with which I’ve worked on occasion for the past couple of years.  The basic premise is that they take dogs that are about to be euthanized or are otherwise rescued, get those dogs into foster care (that’s where I sometimes come in), and then find permanent homes for them.  It’s a great cause, and, if nothing else, there are lots of pictures of cute puppies on the blog.  You know—if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sons of the Sports Guy: If you’re on this website, that probably means one of two things. Either you’re a personal friend of mine who visits the site to support my pipe dreams, or you’re a fan of websites that cover a broad range of cultural topics.  If you’re in the latter camp, the Sons of the Sports Guy may be for you.  It’s a messageboard/forum site with a thread for just about everything.  The site is well-organized into topic headings, and breaks down into more detail from there.  Sports, television, music, movies, and much more.  It also has a dedicated community of regular posters, each with his own particular sensibilities that add to the fun.

The Cheats Movement: This is a very cool photoblog run by a good friend of mine.  He gets to travel often due to his job, and he normally documents his visits to various parts of the country.  There’s also a lot of Richmond-related content as well.  The site design is fantastic, and it’s a great way to spend ten minutes or more flipping through photos.

The Culturephiles: Run by three very talented Chicago-based improvisors / comedy actors, this blog mostly features reviews of music, literature, and film, but also adds the occasional performance piece or other commentary.  These guys are all intelligent writers, and the only reason I don’t spend even more time on their blog is that I’m not familiar with a lot of the music (because my tastes are a little broader) or literature (because I’m woefully un-erudite) about which they write.  Definitely worth a look, and always funny.

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