The Axis of Ego Podcast: 3-31-11

Here it is: Our WrestleMania podcast.

Now, you may be wondering how it’s possible that two fully-educated adults could care about a professional wrestling supercard.  Wonder no more.

All the answers await inside, including a discussion of the build-up to the event, as well as the questionable contract law underlying one of the key match-ups.  Word Life!

Download: The Axis of Ego Podcast 03-31-11

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2 Responses to The Axis of Ego Podcast: 3-31-11

  1. Rod says:

    While I realize that ten-year old WWE history is only mentioned when selling official WWE DVD’s and other various merchandise, I think that the Undertaker (or someone) should have made mention of the fact that Triple H already had his shot at breaking the streak (Wrestlemania XVII in Houston) and he didn’t get the job done.

    That could have worked in conjunction with Shawn’s “you can’t beat him” line and could have played a bit better than the mutual respect dance.

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