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Let’s Be Honest

In the midst of my daily constitutional through the virtual halls of Sporcle, a peculiar banner ad caught my attention. Like most free websites, Sporcle relies on high traffic and banner ads to create revenue.  The banner ads range widely … Continue reading

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My Latest (Crazy) Breaking Bad Theory

I haven’t had a chance to discuss Breaking Bad since the season ended a couple of weeks back.  I had intended to do a follow-up podcast with Joey Bland, but happy life circumstances intervened on his end.  I’m sure we’ll … Continue reading

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This is Not Lunch

I understand that commenting on the eating habits of Americans is well-traveled territory.  And I’m certainly not within hailing distance of proper eating habits.  However, there are still certain lines I won’t cross—lines that separate man from insatiable animals unable … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Axis of Ego:
I hate to interrupt a string of lighthearted cultural observations, sports references, and stories about awkward moments in the annals of entertainment history with something more serious—but here goes. A fascinating journal article…

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