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The Sampler Platter

One of the many benefits of my decision to disengage from the cumbersome world of prep sportswriting is that I now have a much greater ability to write for other outlets.  It’s nice to present my work for different audiences … Continue reading

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Closing the Book

Most people who know me in “real life” are aware that I’ve covered high school sports for since I was in college (back before VirginiaPreps was a affiliate).  I decided last winter that I would step away from … Continue reading

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The “W” vs. The “E” – SummerSlam 2013

It’s impossible to convince Attitude Era die-hards that we’re living in the Golden Age of professional wrestling, but I think it’s true—from a writing standpoint. Take, for instance, the main event of this year’s SummerSlam.  For two straight weeks, we’ve … Continue reading

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The Ballad of “Old Cottonmouth”

One of my favorite pieces of Revolutionary War lore revolves around the Green Mountain Boys.  This band of Vermont militiamen played an important role in the war, and their ranks once included Colonel Benedict Arnold.  They also unsuccessfully attempted to … Continue reading

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Anti-Bullying Intent, Anti-Free-Speech Result?

Last week, over at A New Voice, I tackled the inevitable collision of anti-bullying efforts and the free speech rights of students.  An expanded version of that piece is below: A broad new social media policy recently implemented by California’s Lodi Unified … Continue reading

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An Incomplete List of Things That Are Not Bullying

A non-exhaustive recitation of items that aren’t bullying: – Your doctor telling you that you need to lose weight to avoid negative health consequences. – A baseball player who has agreed to abide by union and MLB rules being punished under those … Continue reading

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Box Office Belies Dying Industry

It’s been a memorable summer at the box office, and not in a good way. The list of 2013 movie flops is a sad roll call of would-be blockbusters.  In the last month alone, five films that cost more than $100 million to produce … Continue reading

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