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When Everything is Bullying, Nothing is Bullying

A local high school health and physical education teacher circulated an editorial cartoon to her students recently as part of a discussion on diet and exercise.  This was the cartoon: A parent of one of the students contacted a local … Continue reading

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Imbeciles React to a Story About Swimming

I saw a fairly innocuous local news story come across my Facebook feed today.  The piece was the sort of semi-fluff that local stations like to show on their 5 o’clock broadcast.  The underlying news item was that data indicates … Continue reading

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Imbeciles React to Justin Verlander’s Contract Extension

The news last week that local athlete Justin Verlander had signed the most lucrative contract of any pitcher in the history of baseball met with praise and pride in the Central Virginia area.  The deal, valued at up to $202 million … Continue reading

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