A Message to Our (New) Readers

This has been an eventful week for us here at The Axis of Ego.  WordPress.com unexpectedly chose an article I wrote on Tuesday as one of its “Freshly Pressed” featured pieces, giving rise to a tidal wave* of site traffic.  And, yes, we’ll be deconstructing another popular song in the very near future.  As in next week.

Because so many of the people now reading this blog are new, I wanted first to say welcome and thank you.  We appreciate your readership.

Just so you know, I am grateful for all of the great feedback we’ve gotten this week, and I do try to respond to every comment.  However, that sometimes isn’t possible (as when I return home from work and realize there are 30-40 new ones).

Note that this is in no way a complaint.

I also wanted to direct you to a couple of pages that will tell you a little more about the site: Our “About Us” page, and our FAQ.  For an explanation of the curious and colorful graphic you see on the right panel known as the “Brow-O-Meter,” go here.

Next, here are some links to pieces that pre-date the one referenced above (these are ones you might have missed):

The Inexact Science

Cream of the of Travel Mall Crop

Defending the Ryan Family Honor

The Other Guy(s)

Slapdash Championship Previews

Review of Books No. 001

Good Copt, Bad Copt

Finally, we’ve got a lot more content coming up in the days ahead, plus a new podcast, so I hope you’ll be able to check all of that out.  Until then, thanks again for your support, and feel free to follow us on Twitter!

*Tidal wave is obviously a relative term.  We had about 360 hits in the first couple of weeks of this site’s existence, then over 8,000 new hits in the 48 hours following the Freshly Pressed article.  In the grand scheme of things, 8,000 isn’t a lot, but, for a couple of guys excited about getting 30 hits in one day, 8k shocked us (in a good way).
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1 Response to A Message to Our (New) Readers

  1. Tareen Alam says:

    The “lyrical analysis” idea for ridiculous, mainstream songs is a great blog idea. It became a muse for my recent post! Thanks for the permission.You guys are my new fav blog. Keep it up.


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