Barney and Macy

Continuing my series of short, easy-to-write articles prominently featuring videos of small creatures, I present today Barney and Macy.  Barney was my very first foster dog, and his sister Macy soon joined him to keep him company.  As you’ll see in this video, they had a skin condition that produced two results of note:

1. Most of their hair fell out.

2. Because their skin was itchy, I dressed them in “onesies” modified by scissors to keep them from scratching themselves too much.

The story has a very happy ending, as they both recovered nicely and grew up to be large, beautiful dogs who were adopted pretty quickly.  In fact, Barney (now known by the much-inferior name “Cy”) weighs about 75 pounds.

This video sees them in their very early stages, only a few weeks old and still with minimal hair.  Yet, they were happy animals who adored each other and found creative ways to play, including whatever the heck it is they’re doing in this clip.  Enjoy:

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2 Responses to Barney and Macy

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  2. Ida says:

    They are enjoying them selfs good for them

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