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Let’s Look at Some Pictures of Puppies

2016 has been a rough year in nearly every way imaginable. I wish that I could say things are looking up.  Yet, I find my customary optimism waning as even foreseeable events (particularly one in November) have the potential to … Continue reading

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Barney and Macy Today

For those who are curious about the tiny, almost-hairless (great Cameron Crowe movie, btw) creatures I referenced last time, here’s what they look like all grown up.  As I said, they both recovered very nicely to grow up to be … Continue reading

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Barney and Macy

Continuing my series of short, easy-to-write articles prominently featuring videos of small creatures, I present today Barney and Macy.  Barney was my very first foster dog, and his sister Macy soon joined him to keep him company.  As you’ll see … Continue reading

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