Barney and Macy Today

For those who are curious about the tiny, almost-hairless (great Cameron Crowe movie, btw) creatures I referenced last time, here’s what they look like all grown up.  As I said, they both recovered very nicely to grow up to be beautiful, healthy dogs.

Here’s sweet-as-pie Macy:

And here’s Barney, who continues to be the life of the party at all times:

I’ll post another video of them and their development in the near future.  On a personal note, I’m almost through my dreaded “busy time,” so I should be able to resume crafting posts that actually have some substance very soon.

This will undoubtedly come as a disappointment to most of you.

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1 Response to Barney and Macy Today

  1. Not going to lie – we love the cute puppy posts! 😉

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