Best of 2012

TheAxisOfEgoFacebookThe Axis of Ego’s second year was a productive one.  This is the 105th and final post of the year, which averages out to a hair over two pieces per week.  Not a bad clip.  As of this writing, the blog has accumulated a little over 31,000 views in 2012, which is good progress.  I checked in at about 26,000 last year, and half of that came in a matter of two or three days from one post.

Here, in chronological order, are my favorite posts from the past twelve months:

An Abridged History of Pro Wrestling’s Ethnic Identity Crisis (1/5):  As the comments section indicates, I think some people misunderstood this one a bit.  For me, it was just a fun look back at how wrestling uses ethnicity (sometimes clumsily) as one tool in its effort to spark fan interest.

What I’ve Learned So Far (1/23):  In a rare moment of introspection, I listed out a few basic tenets and lessons I’ve picked up on in my 30 or so years of sentience.  I normally hate this sort of writing, but I allowed myself this indulgence on my birthday.  I especially like #5, which is the revelation that probably prompted this piece in the first place.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day (2/14): The self-deprecation meter was well into the red on this look at my celebration of Valentine’s Day.  I get a kick out of this kind of writing sometimes.  This was one of those times.

Injecting Unwanted Perspective (2/21): Sometimes, I’m a jerk.  But a funny jerk.

Netflix LogoSomething I Don’t Miss (2/29): I used Leap Day to discuss one of my favorite topics—how things have changed so much during the last 15 years that experiences I had, even as a young adult, are totally unknown to young adults and teenagers now.  Specifically, the experience of dealing with video stores.  Also, my passionate love affair with Netflix continues.

Intellectual Honesty in the Age of Unreason (3/20):  Probably the single best thing I wrote all year.  This is a good summary of my frustration with modern political discourse.  If you’re looking for one take-home point from this lengthy piece, it would be that “true believers” of all ideological stripes are unreasonable.

An Untimely Knight Rider Rant (3/26): Randomly deciding to watch the Knight Rider pilot on Netflix prompted this incredulous reaction.  This is what happens when you decide to stop and think about the premise of shows like this (Note: Do not stop and think about the premise of shows like this).

The Need to be Needed (3/27): Sort of a companion piece to “Intellectual Honesty in the Age of Unreason,” this elaborates on one aspect of our society.  Namely, that narcissism goes hand-in-hand with moral certainty and the accompanying need to be validated.

The Gathering Storm (4/12): I once again carry the banner of judicial restraint while putting that argument in the context of the Affordable Care Act cases.

CenaButtonThe Company Man (4/30): The most popular post of 2012, thanks to Mick Foley reading it and tweeting a link to the article.  In it, I make the case for cheering for John Cena and debunk some of the criticisms that the anti-Cena crowd lobs at him.

The Axis of Ego Podcast: Billy Beyrer and Stephanie Sottile (5/3):  A long-form discussion with a pair of talented New York actors / improvisers / comedy wrestlers about their careers and other topics.

The Triumph of Self-Determination (5/10): Ok, maybe THIS was the best thing I wrote this year.  I crafted this in anticipation of where the debate over gay marriage would go next (and where I now know it will go in 2013).  It’s a shame that people are so arrogant and self-important that they just can’t tolerate any political outcome that runs counter to their own (obviously superior) belief system.  But that’s how democracy works sometimes.

Papa, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? (6/4): A depressing dose of reality vis a vis my pizza consumption, unwisely provided by the very company that enables said gluttony.

Breaking Bad Season 4The Axis of Ego Podcast: Breaking Bad (Mini-)Podcast (7/26): Joey Bland stopped by to talk the early returns on the fifth season of Breaking Bad.  As usual, Joey did a great job.

My Latest (Crazy) Breaking Bad Theory (9/20): Speaking of Breaking Bad . . . I added “crazy” so as not to sound too arrogant.  However, the more I think about this idea, the more I like it and think it’s fairly likely.

Sticks and Stones (10/3):  With the anti-bullying movement reaching ridiculous levels, I’m there to stand up and say, “F**k you, fatties!”  Well, that might be an oversimplification.  A more polite way to phrase it is, as I said in the piece, not every negative thing someone says to you constitutes “bullying.”  Toughen up, wimps.

Hell in a Cell: Live Blog (10/28): Per the request of a few readers, I put together a live blog of my reactions to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.  This one might not resonate as much a few months after the fact, especially given the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shelf life of wrestling storylines, but, anyway, here it is.

WalterMondaleConcessionGood News / Bad News (Parts One and Two) (11/12 & 11/16): Ok, ok, I take it back—maybe THIS is the best thing I wrote all year.  In it, I try to keep the presidential election in the proper perspective in a hysteria-driven era of media, as well as providing a platform of good ideas on which I will take the Republican nomination (and subsequently the White House) in 2016.

Good Cause, Bad Slogan (12/6): This gives you a rare (and probably unwanted) glimpse into how my mind works as I observe the minutiae of everyday life.

Culture Trumps All (12/14): I tackle the issue of American gun control from a realistic, emotionally- and ideologically-detached perspective.

Science < Ideology (12/22): I ended the year with a reaction to a New York Times piece that trotted out some tired ideas about gender equality, noting that ideologues tend to embrace science when it supports their agenda, only to abandon or dismiss it when it fails to do so.

All in all, I was pleased with The Axis of Ego’s 2012.  I think 2013 will see a continuation of the trend of focusing on politics and broad cultural themes, with a few commentaries on television, movies, sports, and gaming mixed in.  Thanks, as always, for supporting this blog.  I genuinely and sincerely appreciate anyone taking the time to read what I write.

Just a reminder: If you’re interested in showing your support, feel free to follow me on Twitter or “like” this site on Facebook.

Here’s to a transcendent 2013.  Happy New Year!

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